New Version of Android DRO Coming

Monday, February 25, 2013

This version of the application has been released quite some time ago. A new version of the Android DRO application is in the works, due to be released on or before August 10, 2013.

It's been more than two months since the initial release of my Android Digital Readout application Touch DRO. The first version was very basic, offering only a few functions commonly found on a digital caliper. After bit over two months of work I'm getting close to releasing a new version. The new version has a number of bug fixes and improvements, as well as some long overdue features, such as point memory, position preset and the so-called 1/2 function.

Jet Lathe Wet Apron Conversion

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Last week I posted my progress cleaning the apron on my “new” Jet 1024P lathe. As I said, I am very pleased with the overall condition and build quality. As I was putting the apron back together I realized that there are no provisions to oil the insides once it's coupled with the saddle. The only way to get any lubricant into the apron is through the opening around the cross slide screw, but it is normally covered with a piece of sheep metal bolted to the saddle. Getting to it isn't very convenient, but even once the cover is removed only some of the gears are accessible.

Cleaning Up Jet 1024P's Apron

Saturday, February 16, 2013
Jet 1024P apron covered in old grease and oil
You won't believe it, but there is an apron under all this gunk.

When I purchased my Jet 1024P lathe a few weeks ago I pretty much knew that I will spend hours and hours bringing it back to a serviceable condition. Although the important parts of the lathe appeared to be in good condition, there was something loose in the apron. Engaging one of the power feeds made horrible grinding noise. It didn't feel like a broken gear or a missing tooth, so my guess was a loose key or something similar. Before spending time on anything else, I decided to dig into the apron. Taking it off the lathe didn't take much effort: after removing the lead screw, I had to loosen two hex screws on the top and the apron readily disconnected from the rest of the carriage assembly.

Jet 1024P - Construction and Build

Friday, February 1, 2013

You might remember from my last post that I’ve acquired an old Jet 1024P metal lathe. The machine is solid but appears to be poorly [if at all] maintained and extremely dirty. In process of removing what looks like three decades worth of chips and grease, I was finally able to closely inspect the lathe, and even run the spindle for a few minutes. I will reserve the final judgement on the condition and quality until the overhaul is done. On the other hand, I have a good idea of the features and the construction. Since I’m upgrading from a 920 lathe, this will be somewhat of a side-by-side comparison of features that I’ve found to be important for my particular needs.