About Me

Hi there, I'm Yuriy. B and this is my blog.

When I was 2 years old I decided to take apart (Uhm... destroy) my parents' brand new Grundig tape recorder. Apparently, I really liked what I saw inside because since that day I went to great lengths to take apart every toy, device or gizmo I came across (to the great dismay of my parents). For as long as I can remember myself I've been surrounded by punch cards, vacuum tubes, and radio equipment, as my mom worked at a bus plant's computer center, and my dad liked to tinker with electronics in the evenings. I built my first computer (a ZX Spectrum 48) from a bare motherboard when I was about 13 and that started my addiction to computers and programming, spending countless nights typing strange characters into a weird-looking keyboard and occasionally blowing up an IC or two.

I started my professional life at a small local electronics assembly company. I started as a PCB prototyping technician, then for a few years ran and programmed Surface Mount "pick-and-place" machines, and eventually became Process and Quality manager. For the last 4 years there I've held an "IPC-A-610 Acceptance of Electronic Assemblies" instructor certification. In mid-2000's I switched to software engineering, first at a PCB assembly company, then a small SaaS legal software startup, and more recently at Amazon Web Services.

Please note: the views expressed by me on this blog are my own and don't reflect the views of my employer.