Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How can I contact you?

Please feel free to email me a

Where can I get help?

For do-it-yourself builds and general information about TouchDRO please use the Forum


I have [insert brand name here] scales. Which adapter board do I need to buy?

Supported scales types are listed on the technical specs for each adapter board, which cane be found on the Adapter Board for Shahe and iGaging Capacitive DRO Scales and TouchDRO Adapter for Glass and Magnetic DRO Scales pages.

Do you have adapter boards in stock?

Unless the board is marked as out of stock, yes, I have the boards in stock.

When will you ship my order?

Generally orders placed before end-of-day Friday will be shipped the following Monday, but no later than the following Wednesday.

Do you ship to [insert country here]?

Yes, unless your country is on the list of countries under US embargo.

How much will the shipping cost to [insert country here]?

Domestic shipping (within USA) is included in the price. International shipping is displayed next to the board price on the ordering page.

Why is shipping so expensive outside of the USA?

I use USPS International Priority mail for shipping, which is an expensive service.

Why did you stop offering economy shipping?

Economy shipping is slow and comes with no insurance. Due to unreliable postal service in some countries I was losing a lot of money due to "Item not Received" chargeback.

My country charges import dues. Can you mark the shipment as gift?

Absolutely not.

Do you offer quantity discount?

Yes. If you are planning to order more than 10 units, please contact me at

Do you offer any discounts?

If you are planning to purchase a TouchDRO adapter for an educational institution, charity, or a FIRST Robotics team or organization, please email me at to discuss potential discount.

Post-Order Questions

I placed an order on [insert a day here]. Where is my board?

If you haven't received an email from PayPal with the tracking number, the board hasn't been shipped. Otherwise please use USPS website to track the order.

I got the shipping confirmation email from PayPal but tracking information is still not available. Where is my board?

USPS starts showing tracking information after the package has been processed through their system, which might be hours or [rarely] a day after I drop off the package.

I have a problem with pre-built adapter board I bought from you. What should I do?

Please email me at and I will do my best to help resolve the issue.

I have a problem with Blu-DRO adapter. What should I do?

Please contact Blue-DRO directly.

I have a TouchDRO adapter with older firmware. Can I get new firmware for it?

I can reprogram your board, but you will need to cover shipping both ways. Please contact me at to make the arrangements.

I plugged in my new TouchDRO adapter and smoke came out; adapter doesn't work now. What should I do?

Please email me at and I will do my best to help you with the issue.

Adapter Questions

Will I need to solder anything if I buy a pre-build TouchDRO adapter?

No. More information on what is involved in connecting various types of scales to the adapter can be found on the Adapter Board for Shahe and iGaging Capacitive DRO Scales and TouchDRO Adapter for Glass and Magnetic DRO Scales pages.

If I buy a TouchDRO Quadrature Adapter, will I need to build a voltage shifter circuit?

No. The adapter is a fully self-contained unit.

How do I connect TouchDRO adapter via USB?

UART pins are broken out on both adapter version. You will need to disconnect the BT module and connect an FTDI RS232 breakout board or cable. That said, it's a really bad idea and USB support will be removed from the application in the nearby future.\

Are DIY adapters same as the pre-built boards?

No. The boards are designed to handle noise and interference better and run different firmware.

I need help scratch-building an adapter or troubleshooting a scratch-build adapter. Where can I ask for help?

You can ask for help on the YuriysToys Forum.

Why can't I find an Arduino sketch on your site?

I don't maintain the Arduino version of the adapter anymore and recommend using MSP430 instead.

Licensing and Redistribution Questions

Can I use TouchDRO App for commercial purposes?

The app is listed on Google Play Store and can be distributed or used in any way that is compliant with Play Store's Terms of Service

Can I preinstall the app on a tablet for sale?

No. Instead provide the instructions for the end user to install the app from the Play Store

Can I use a DIY adapter for commercial purposes?

Not if you use free TouchDRO firmware, which is licensed for personal use only

I don't have access to Google Play Store. Where can I download the TouchDRO APK?

You can't (legally). The app is distributed only through the Play Store.

Misc. Questions

Why are my comments not appearing on the blog?

Comments on older posts require moderator approval to minimize spam and it might take some time before they are approved.

Why was my comment deleted?

I will delete comments that use offensive language, are off topic, irrelevant or look like spam.

I sent you [insert number here] emails. Why don't you answer?

I get more emails each day that I can handle, therefore I prioritize emails from customers over emails with general questions, questions that can be answered on the forum or questions that can be answered by doing a simple google search.