Buy DIY DRO Adapter

Fully assembled and tested TouchDRO adapter boards offer excellent performance and reliability and don't need any additional soldering. If you are comfortable with soldering, save some money by building your adapter from the TouchDRO DIY DRO kit that comes with high-quality PCB and the microcontroller already preprogrammed with the latest version of the firmware.


Pre-Assembled Adapters

Adapter for Glass and Magnetic DRO Scales

TouchDRO Adapter for Glass and Magnetic DRO scales includes a fully assembled adapter board and a set of harnesses with press-fit D-Sub 9 female connectors. The connectors can be customized to match the pinout of your particular scales without any additional soldering. The DRO adapter is optimized for demanding industrial applications. It supports most modern glass and magnetic scales and works with DRO scales and quadrature encoders that output either differential or single-ended signals.

DRO Adapter for iGaging Scales

TouchDRO adapter for iGaging linear DRO scales supports iGaging EZ-View DRO Plus, iGaging DigiMag Remote DRO and iGaging Absolute DRO Plus scales with Micro-USB cables. The circuit is specifically designed to achieve excellent stability, reliability, and noise resistance with capacitive DRO scales.

DRO Adapter for Shahe Scales

TouchDRO adapter for Shahe scales supports Shahe 5403-xxxA scales, also known as the "Digital Linear Scales with Remote Square Display" which use Mini-USB cables. By using a fast adaptive refresh rate, this DRO scale interface adapter effectively minimizes the perceived refresh lag and maximizes position readout stability.