Buy DIY DRO Adapter

Fully assembled and tested TouchDRO adapter boards offer excellent performance and reliability and don't need any additional soldering. If you are comfortable with soldering, save some money by building your adapter from the TouchDRO DIY DRO kit that comes with high-quality PCB and the microcontroller already preprogrammed with the latest version of the firmware.

TouchDRO Scale Adapters

Adapter for Glass and Magnetic DRO Scales

TouchDRO TDA-400 and TDA-420 are the latest generation of our scale interface adapters designed for use with the majority of modern optical and magnetic DRO scales. Thanks to the powerful 32-bit dual core processor and state-of-the art software, these adapters offer unparalleled performance and capabilities that can't be found in any other DRO unit on the market. Learn more.

TouchDRO Adapter DIY Kit (Unassembled)

TouchDRO TDK-40 is an easy to build 4-axis DRO adapter kit that supports RS-422 (differential) and TTL (single-ended) glass and magnetic DRO scales and other 5V quadrature encoders. It uses the same powerful 32-bit architecture and differential input circuits as the TDA-4xx adapters and offers the same speed and performance. Learn more.