Axis Details Dialog

Monday, February 10, 2014
Axis Details Dialog
Axis details view is accessed by briefly pressing a linear axis readout while the DRO is in "Connected" state (readout text appears green). The view is intended to provide access to several axis-specific functions, as well as real-time feed rate and chip load displays.

Position Display

Displays the current position, taking into account currently selected units and coordinate system (absolute or incremental).
When touched, brings up the "Set Axis Dimension" function.

Feed Rate Display

Displays the current feed rate when the axis is moving. The value can be either positive or negative, depending on the direction of the motion. The value is refreshed at 2Hz frequency (two times per second) regardless of the velocity.

Chip Load Display

Chip Load display in enabled state (axis not moving)
Displays the chip load when the axis in moving and a tool is selected. The value is calculated by dividing the freed rate by the product of RPM* and tooth count.
When no tool is selected and/or the tachometer is disabled, the display will be disabled and a toast will briefly appear informing the user that one of the above requirements is not met.
Chip Load display in disabled state
*Setups that don’t include a tachometer can still take advantage of this function by entering the RPM directly using the "Set RPM" function.

"½" Function (AKA "Centerline")

Sets the incremental zero to the position exactly 1/2 way between the current incremental zero and the currently displayed dimension. The most common application of this function is to find center of a hole or another feature.

"+/-" Function

Inverts the current dimension. I.e. multiplies it by -1, so positive dimensions become negative and vice versa. This function can be used to move to a position that is at the same distance on the other side of the zero point. In other words, to machine symmetrical features.

Zero Set

Identical to the similar function on the main DRO screen, but acts upon the selected axis.
Short pressing the button sets incremental origin for the selected axis to the current position.
Long pressing the button sets the workpiece origin for the selected axis to the current point.

Audible Alert

Toggles audible "near zero" alert for the current axis on and off.
When on, the DRO will emit series of beeps starting at 0.250" (10mm when in metric mode). At 0.100"/5mm, 0.010"/2.5mm and 0.005"/0.1mm the frequency of beeps increases. When the axis moves to within 0.001"/0.05mm of 0.000, the application will emit one 2-second long beep and stop.
Audible alert button in "off" and "on" states
The alert is in effect as long as the dialog is open. When the dialog is dismissed, the alert will be turned off.

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