Welcome To My Blog...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apparently a new blog is created every second, and I decided to do my part to keep the trend going, so welcome to my blog, I guess.
First of all, my name is Yuriy, and I like making things. More precisely I like all tings robotics, electronics, programming and tinkering. Over time I've collected enough tools to convert a humble one-car garage into a full blown shop, complete with drill press, mini mill and a lathe on one side and an electronics lab on the other. Since my main vocation is software development, I had to learn many of the lessons the hard way, by turning expensive metal into swarf and letting the magic smoke out of countless electronic devices.
I'm starting this blog as a platform to share what I've learned so far, document some of my projects, and most importantly, to learn something in process. The posts will cover various equipment mods and upgrades, electronic gadgets, programming “howtos” and short tutorial. Never the less, the main idea is not to bestow my wisdom upon you, but rather to have a fun discussion. I don't need to sell or promote anything, so this won't be a marketing driven blog with scheduled posts. I will simply write a few words any time I feel like I have something interesting to say.


  1. Awesome blog - thanks for the legwork on the Igaging scales... I have half a dozen and ripped them off of my LMS minimill after the incessant power down drove me crazy. I also ran into a problem where they lose track of the reference - it didn't seem to be related to the Autopower Off - they arbitrarily changed the displayed value. I have 6 of these and they all did it one time or another. Not sure if it's a problem with the reader or the display.

    Eventually ended up with a DRO Pro mag kit since I need this for my work...

    I'm going to try the Arduino thing for the Igaging scales on my new LMS Lathe - see if it cures the resetting issue. If not, I guess DRO Pro's gets some more biz from me...

    Here's what I did to my mill:

    I really like the CNC Fusion ball for the Z - note the mod I had to do to keep it from rotating.

    BTW - used Sunstone for years - my lab:

  2. I love the power feed you've created. I'll probably just buy one though. Too many other projects. Here's my problem/question. None of the consumer units I've investigated has a rapid traverse feature except the Little Machine Shop one for the High Torque model only. Do you know of one for the regular ole X2? Does yours?
    Bill W.

    1. Bill,
      This is actually one of the main reasons I ended up making the power feed from scratch. I wanted to have rapid traverse to multiple points.
      I think you can adapt the LMS power feed to a regular mil. If you haven't yet, call them and talk to Chris. He will know for sure...

      Thank you